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Sunday 26th March 2017
Men - Open Division Three
17:20Woodley JetsvYateley Silverbacks 2 @ Bulmershe L.C.Clifford Chen, Gordon Robinson (referees)
Monday 27th March 2017
Men - Open Division Three
20:15Yateley Silverbacks 3vWoodley Jets @ Yateley Manor Prep SchoolIan Lester, Scott Yam (referees)
Women - Division One
20:45Aldworth ArrowsvWoodley Wildcats @ Aldworth Science CollegeSteve Baker, Tim Brown (referees)
Women - Division Two
19:00Aldworth Arrows AcademyvYateley Silverbacks @ Aldworth Science CollegeRon Arias, Steve Baker (referees)
Tuesday 28th March 2017
Men - Open Division One
20:20South Bucks CometsvWoking Blackhawks Hunters @ The Beacon CentreTrevor Funnell, Ian Lester (referees)
Women - Division Two
19:45Wolfpack FuryvFarnborough Phantoms Academy @ St Catherine's SchoolSteve Baker, Scott Yam (referees)
Wednesday 29th March 2017
Men - Open Division Two
20:15Slough ScorpionsvBasingstoke Blizzards @ Burnham Park AcademyTony Critchley, Kieran Shotter (referees)
Women - Division Two
20:00Aztec SunsvCamberley Goldhawks @ Frogmore L.C.Dave Harper, Scott Yam (referees)
Thursday 30th March 2017
Men - Open Division One
21:00Craftsman LT UtdvWoodley Warriors @ Reading Blue Coat SchoolClifford Chen, Trevor Funnell (referees)
20:15Windsor WarriorsvSouth Bucks Comets @ St Johns’s Beaumont SchoolDave Harper, Ian Lester (referees)
Women - Division One
20:50Farnborough PhantomsvWoking Blackhawks @ Frogmore L.C.Alan Harrod, David Kingstone (referees)
Friday 31st March 2017
Men - Open Division Two
19:45Woking Blackhawks Thunder AirvAztec Lemmings @ Woking CollegeGordon Robinson, Kieran Shotter (referees)

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